Bigg Boss Season 10 2016 Live Updates Online

Bigg Boss Season 10 2016 Live Updates Online:

Bigg Boss Season 10 2016 Live Updates Online- Bigg Boss is a reality game show which is being broadcast on Colors channel since 2008. Bigg Boss has been running for 10 years and it has 9 immensely popular and successful seasons. Bigg Boss was a notion on the Big Brother reality show, which was being aired on Netherlands.
A crowd of Celebrities Locked in a Place : 
The contestants of Bigg Boss have always come from the entertainment world, and this time Bigg Boss change the history, common people are also coming in Bigg Boss 10 Contestants 2016 this going to be very exciting and this will be really good for the show. People like to see their favorite stars be locked in a place where they have to do all the domestic chores because people are interested in watching all the activities which are done by celebrities.

The Show procedure :
Different participant is kept here in two or three rooms, along with gym, kitchen, and swimming pools. It also has a big garden and the area is isolated from the main land. The participants locked in the rooms or the premises and will have to serve there by maintaining good behavior with all. In the Bigg Boss, 11 show who behaves most perfectly with others will be the winner of the game. So all the participants have to work in a proper way that they have to do all the work. Every week, there will be nominations and the nominees will be asking for public votes. The person, who will be the winner of the votes, will be the nominee of the week and one who gets the minimum vote will walk away from the show.
Again Salman Khan is hosting Bigg Boss 10, who was also the anchor of episode 9. He is a perfect host of the show and that has been proven in the previous show.

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