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Manohar says Asad was her brother only and he is terrorist and Allen Braud has declared it. Swadheenta says he is terrorist. He says he is moneylender. Swadheenta asks what is written in the report. He says Allen has seen Haider with terrorists. Swadheenta asks for the reports but Manohar  doesnot Gives and tells he will give it to Adarsh.

Padamshree asks Swadheenta to prove her father-in-law guilty. She emails her all the proofs. Jaya and Jay talking about Swadheenta how she is accompanying and fighting for guilty criminals. Jaya asks what he is hiding from her. Jay remembers Manohar’s words and lies with Jaya. Swadheenta asks Manohar to give her that internal inquiry report but he refuses to give her.

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Dehleez 19th June 2016 Episode

Dehleez 19th June 2016 Episode

Swadheenta takes the side of Haider and asks how many times he met with Allan. He lies to her and Swadheenta suspects him. She got a mail from Padamshree. Swadheenta went to meet Suhasini and tells her that raid had been pre-planned. Someone is tricking them and planning to prove them guilty. Suhasini and Swadheenta argue.

Swadheenta alleges Manohar to force Allan to give a false statement. She becomes furious and calls Adarsh and the whole family. She tells him all. She asks Swadheenta if she alleges him in the court tomorrow then she has to move from here. Jaya becomes violent knowing this.

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