Kasam 12th July 2016 Episode Written Update & Video

Kasam 12th July 2016 Episode Written Update & Video, Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 12th July 2016 Episode. It is an Indian Hindi romantic television series, which premiered on 7 March 2016, and is broadcast on Colors TV.

Kasam 12th July 2016 Episode Written Update & Video

Kasam 12th July 2016 Episode Written Update & Video

The series is produced by Ekta Kapoor . Kratika Dheer and Sharad Malhotra play the male and female lead roles respectively. Based in the backdrop of Punjab, the plot of the series will take viewers through different time phases and shows them how love survives all ordeals.

Kasam 12th July 2016 Episode

The story is about Tanu and Rishi, who are childhood friends. One day, Rishi falls in a river, and Tanu saves her. Rishi and Tanu are saved, and both are taken to Goddess Kaali Maa temple, where a Sadhu woman prophesizes that Rishi has some dosh in his kundli, and will die at the age of 23 if he doesn’t get married to Tanu. But unfortunately, Rishi’s mother Rano dislikes Tanu and her family, and brainwashes her husband Raaj to leave for America.

Soon Updated. Till Now Read !1th July Episode

Kasam 11th July 2016 Written Update With Video

Rishi and Manpreet were shocked to see Guljeet, but Rishi hugs Tannu before he could see her. They make up its Manpreet’s girlfriend and was drunk so fainted. UV comes out, Rishi wonders how he must run away now. UV was shocked to see Tannu faint, hearing them kidnapping. He complains if they told him about the plan. Rishi qualifies he himself didn’t know about the plan. Rishi spots the Victoria cart, and says he would run away on this. UV confirms if he can drive this cart, Rishi was ready to drive anything for Tannu. Manpreet and UV come to the cart man to takes him to enjoy the wedding. Rishi brings Tannu and holds her up on the cart with the help of Manpreet. UC hurries Rishi to leave as soon as someone come there. They bridal chunri was there on the floor.
Neha gets ready then shares with Swati.

that if her Sandy was here, he would have gone crazy. She was curt at Rishi staring Tanvi. Swati assures Neha that she booked Great Grand Masti movie tickets for her and Rishi. She laughs at Tanvi’s fate about getting the local guy. She gives Neha the greed about getting American bank balance. They cheer about all they vision for. Swati urges Neha to get downstairs to see Tanvi marry that goon Rishi drives the cart.

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